Special Skills:  Executive Coaching, Enterprise Leadership, Leadership Consultation

Sector Specialties: Not-for-Profit, Public

  • Her 33-year career at Verizon spanned from Central Office technician to Senior Vice President of Global Network and Technology
  • As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field, she learned quickly the value mentorship plays in carving new pathways and the more successful she became, the more passionate she grew about “paying it forward” through mentoring other aspiring leaders, both women and men.
  • Honored twice with the Verizon Chairman’s Credo Award for outstanding leadership.
  • In 2011, Diane joined the Board of the non-profit Common Ground Alliance as the industry Telecommunications Director and in 2013 she was named Chairman.
  • Was named one of Fierce Telecom’s Top Ten Women in Wireline in 2013, and her leadership through Superstorm Sandy was a featured case study in a Rutgers University book published in Fall 2015.
  • After retiring from Verizon, Diane accepted the position of Board Chairman of CFC Loud N Clear, a non-profit dedicated to the prevention, recovery and aftercare of individuals affected by substance abuse.
  • In addition, she provides business and leadership consulting for The Achieve Institute as well as for private clients.