“Not only does Jeff understand the requirements of leadership but his insights into how adults learn bring it alive for us.” – Adaptive Leadership Workshop Participant

We offer 1 – 3-day workshops featuring the Adaptive Leadership Framework. Based on 30 years of research and popularized by their latest book (The Practice of Adaptive Leadership, published in 2010 with Heifetz, Grashow and Linsky) these events position participants to make progress against their most vexing challenges. Topics can include: Distinguishing Leadership from Authority, Differentiating Adaptive Challenges from Technical Problems, Thinking and Acting Politically, Standing in your own Purpose (as opposed to standing in someone else’s), Immunity to Change, Adaptive Conversations, Experimentation, and Risk-taking. Clients have often used us as a module in a larger program.

Three-Day Program Agenda



The Definitions, Purpose and Challenges of Adaptive Leadership

Morning: Discovering the definitions, risks and opportunities inherent in Adaptive Leadership

Afternoon: Applying Leadership skills and concepts to participants current challenges

Day 1


The Skills of Leadership

Morning: Examining systemic pressures across stakeholders as a mean to plan and stage interventions

Afternoon: Experience Adaptive work at a personal level and link that work to Purpose

Day 2


The Practice of Leadership

Morning: Exploring tools and choices for intervening, having Adaptive Conversations and measuring progress

Afternoon: Outlining an approach to re-entry, running experiments and increasing Leadership Capacity

Day 3

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