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We all design our strategic responses around our experiences. But our experiences fail us in this moment because none of us have gone this way before! How do we overcome this problem?

That is the topic of our next Next Practices Live session, featuring Jeff Lawrence, founder and managing director of Organizational Agility Advisors. A long-time friend of PURC, Jeff specializes in leadership challenges that require diagnosing complex situations, learning in real time, and risk taking. Jeff has taught leadership at Harvard, Oxford, Warwick, and Northeastern Universities, in addition to speaking at PURC events.

Jeff will talk with you about the essentials for practicing leadership in this moment, how leaders can help their organizations and others learn from these new experiences, how to take smart risks and accept failure as an essential part of acting wisely, and how each of us has the responsibility to practice leadership now.

Our Insights By Topic

Building Personal Capacity

This collection of articles explores various aspects of the challenge of learning and growing our personal skills and willingness to be curious, learn and try new ways of how we show up in our families, organizations and communities.

Being A Leader

These articles are intended for people facing the reality that Leadership is about engaging others but requires us all to make some important choices about how and where to intervene with others. The goal is to align your intentions with your impact.

Leadership Agility

This grouping is intended to help anyone – whether in a position of Authority or not – increase their Leadership Agility. Leadership Agility is the ability to think, engage and act differently in the face of the dynamic forces at work in the world.