The OAA Difference

Why Organizational Agility?

Over the last decade our focus has been entirely on adaptive leadership – a powerful framework and set of tools for diagnosing complex challenges. Increasingly we have had feedback from our clients that, though appreciative of the insights the AL framework has generated, there are other challenges that don’t lend themselves to that approach. Responding more quickly to new opportunities, ensuring execution and making the numbers while encouraging innovation are among the tensions against which they struggle. Organizational Agility is a broader set of tools and practices designed to support leaders responding to this broad set of challenges. Our approach helps leaders develop perspective on where they are and where they need to go, set priorities, build a plan and implement it. Our services are customized to fit the sector/industry/moment where our clients live.


Our Founder

Past Challenges


OAA builds adaptive leaders who build organizational agility

We help Organizations, Teams and Individuals build the skills, insight and will to lead in dynamic, even turbulent times.


Setting priorities, generating options, making difficult choices, evaluating former and current choices, linking competing and complimentary commitments identifying new opportunities, evaluating choices and implementing new capabilities.


Identifying the essential parts of their approach/organization that must be preserved and protected while selecting which parts have become “expendable”, that is, no longer capable of achieving the desired results, designing experiments and conducting pilots, identifying key metrics, leveling the work where the ownership and impact can be maximized.


Developing Leaders with a broader range of skills and speed, working with maximum impact at a variety of speeds on a variety of fronts, building high performance teams, improving culture and aligning operations with espoused values and aspirations


Our Insights

We spend all of our time talking, working and playing with all kinds of people, who have one thing in common – a deeply held belief that better leadership will build a better world. We draw on those conversations to bring you the thoughts, hopes, joys and frustrations of what those leadership journeys entail. We invite you to follow along – feel free to join in!

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