Leadership Consulting

“It is rare to be given the opportunity to be truly reflective about your role, your teams dynamics, and your organizational agility. OAA provided us with that opportunity.”

OAA Consulting Stages

01. Diagnose

Look at the situation systemically to see the pressure in the system that leads to the problematic result.

02. Design

Working in partnership with the client, OAA converts the insights and priorities from the previous stage into a customized design to interrupt the patterns that are impeding progress and create new possibilities for the organization and the individuals involved.

03. Implement

OAA delivers the event and/or service in partnership with the internal owners and sponsors of the initiative.

04. Measure

Partnering with the internal owners and sponsors, OAA works to ensure the optimal return on their developmental investment in a timely fashion.

05. Reinforce

OAA focuses on organizational and individual improvements in impact against key business and/or service outcomes

Consulting Services

Top-Team Alignment

We help convert teams of leaders into leadership teams

Strategy Implementation

Setting the strategy is important, putting it into play is critical

Identify Strategic Challenges

It’s hard to work on the business while working in the business