Helping individuals, teams and organizations discover their leadership potential.

Our Approach

We help Organizations, Teams and Individuals build the skills, insight and will to lead in dynamic, even turbulent times. We build leaders who build organizational agility. Organizational Agility can be thought of as the convergence of Speed and Stability. In a world where change is a constant, leaders must develop the skills, self-awareness and willingness to drive out the expendable parts of the organization’s strategy, operations and culture while preserving the essential parts, and fostering the innovation required to adapt and thrive.

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We work with executives and entrepreneurs in three essential ways: we build skills, we advise and we diagnose. Our skill building workshops vary in length from half day to three days. We custom design each event based on the need, make up and target audience of the organization being served. Our advisory services are designed to address real issues in real time. Our diagnostic services are designed to reveal the systemic, team and individual issues that are at times not visible to the players. Our diagnostic services are intended to reveal and de-mystify the impediments to greater performance at any or all levels.

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Organizational Agility Resources


OAA's Resource article library brings you the latest thinking from our founder, Jeff Lawrence. Here you will find our weekly articles and recommended readings. We watch for, listen to and reflect on leadership lessons happening around us every day. We are excited to share our thoughts on real-world applications of organizational agility and adaptive leadership.

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