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Developing Leaders

Leadership is best learned through the application of a proven set of ideas applied to situations that are of immediate relevance and importance to the learner.

Changing the 'System'

Every system is perfectly aligned to get the results it currently gets – the good and the bad. We help Leaders and their teams mobilize themselves and others to tackle systemic challenges.

Free Consultation

Do you have a leadership challenge you are about to undertake or program your expected to design? We offer a free 30-minute consultation to help outline, unpack or reframe the challenge – even help you decide where to begin. Leave us your email and phone number and someone on our team will set up the consultation at a time that works for you.

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A Word

From Our Founder

In our experience the two biggest wastes of time and resources are confusion about leadership roles and mis-diagnosis of the challenge at hand. We formed OAA because we have met so many people so committed to making where they live and work better than it is, and certainly better than they found it. It is a noble but extremely difficult ambition to undertake. We help leaders around the globe, across all sectors build organizations and communities. We believe the world needs more leadership and spend all of our time trying to build it – with and through others.

– Jeff Lawrence


Our Insights

We spend all of our time talking, working and playing with all kinds of people, who have one thing in common – a deeply held belief that better leadership will build a better world. We draw on those conversations to bring you the thoughts, hopes, joys and frustrations of what those leadership journeys entail. We invite you to follow along – feel free to join in!

Building Personal Capacity

This collection of articles explores various aspects of the challenge of learning and growing our personal skills and willingness to be curious, learn and try new ways of how we show up in our families, organizations and communities.

Being A Leader

These articles are intended for people facing the reality that Leadership is about engaging others but requires us all to make some important choices about how and where to intervene with others. The goal is to align your intentions with your impact.

Leadership Agility

This grouping is intended to help anyone – whether in a position of Authority or not – increase their Leadership Agility. Leadership Agility is the ability to think, engage and act differently in the face of the dynamic forces at work in the world.