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CEO/Senior Leader

  • What kind of Leader do you want to be?
  • How close is your leadership team to peak performance?
  • Are your planning targets achieved with regularity?
  • Do your leaders and managers act for themselves or for the team?
  • Is your current leadership team the one your future organization requires?
  • Are you looking for a strategic, confidential advisor?

Head of People/CHRO

  • Do you have a formal process developing managers and team leaders?
  • Do you have the culture you need to thrive in the future?
  • Is the senior team all on the same page?
  • Do you have the right talent in your critical roles?
  • How many of your current teams would describe as high performing?
  • Is employee engagement a strength or an opportunity for your organization?

Learning & Development Professional

  • Does your current leadership development generate more leadership behavior?
  • Are you interested in a turn-key solution for developing people?
  • Are you building a better culture through your skill-building offerings?
  • Are trying to develop teams, individuals, or both?
  • Are you understaffed and overloaded with assignments?

Our Insights

We spend all of our time talking, working and playing with all kinds of people, who have one thing in common – a deeply held belief that better leadership will build a better world. We draw on those conversations to bring you the thoughts, hopes, joys and frustrations of what those leadership journeys entail. We invite you to follow along – feel free to join in!

Building Personal Capacity

This collection of articles explores various aspects of the challenge of learning and growing our personal skills and willingness to be curious, learn and try new ways of how we show up in our families, organizations and communities.

Being A Leader

These articles are intended for people facing the reality that Leadership is about engaging others but requires us all to make some important choices about how and where to intervene with others. The goal is to align your intentions with your impact.

Leadership Agility

This grouping is intended to help anyone – whether in a position of Authority or not – increase their Leadership Agility. Leadership Agility is the ability to think, engage and act differently in the face of the dynamic forces at work in the world.

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