“Jeff is an engaging, humorous storyteller. He captured the audience’s attention and gave us a lot to think about how we work together. – Program manager in financial services”

OAA’s global network brings a wealth of experience from a variety of sectors. We can arrange relevant provocative topics for 30-minute to two-hour keynote talks on:

Leadership in the world

–          Leadership in the World – “There Doesn’t Seem to be Enough”

–          The Three Choices Leaders Must Make

–          If Leadership were a crime, is there enough evidence to convict you?


Finding Purpose

–          Are you Standing in Your Purpose – or Someone Else’s?

–          Finding Your Voice

–          The Power of Purpose


High Performance

–          Motivation isn’t in your Job Description

–          Building High Performance into your Approach


Organizational Life

–          Navigating Complex Systems

–          The Myth of Work/Life Balance

We also create customized talks for specific occasions and groups.