Cultural Assessment

– Jeff’s “Culture as an Outcome” exercise changed how we think about ourselves and what is possible for us. Outstanding!” Healthcare CEO

Getting The Organization’s Attention:


We are facing a big shift/challenge/opportunity and need a starting point

Diagnostic Interpretive Summits – At times, executives sense something is amiss but lack the insight to intervene successfully. What appears to be dysfunction may indicate a deeper, more systemic challenge that could be made worse by misdiagnosis or misstep. We conduct interviews, surveys and 360° assessments, then meet with the executive team to engage in a “summit meeting” to interpret, reveal and confirm the underlying issues not necessarily visible from the day to day roles and interactions in which they live and work.


We need an engaging, “leadership culture” experience for our top leaders

Interactive Culture Polls using simple polling technology, OAA conducts surveys with groups of 10 -250 participants. The poll surveys how members of the organization feel about the “Leadership Culture” as it exists and generate ideas about how to improve it. The instantaneous feedback and the conversation that follows are powerful experiences designed to mobilize organizations from reflection to action. Great for attention-getting quarterly meetings.