Team Coaching

“Jeff helped our team review how we were working together and helped us fashion more effective approaches to even our toughest challenges.” – Engineering Lead – Tech Firm

Team Coaching differs more than in just the number of perspectives involved. The strength of the team is its diversity – which can be a resource and a constraint to team effectiveness and performance. OAA offers a number of approaches to turn this complication into a strength:


  • Facilitating Retreats – OAA guides the team to stay on task, face the hard stuff and interrupt old patterns and practicing new approaches.
  • Shadow Consulting – The team works on, OAA observes, making note of key learning opportunities, and leads a feedback/performance improvement conversation by the team.
  • Balcony Consulting – The intention of Balcony Consulting is to increase the team’s ability to catch the unproductive patterns themselves more rapidly – steepening the learning curve and accelerating the rate of team development and growth.
  • Team Alignment – Some teams cannot improve because they are playing by different rules and scoring methods. Team Alignment is about getting to an agreement on how they work together and measure that work. This is often challenging team members to choose being effective over being “right.”
  • Team Assessment – OAA offers a comprehensive collection of assessment, evaluation and skill building programs, custom designed to measurably improve team performance.