Executive Coaching

“Jeff’s coaching call was invaluable to me. It crystallized my future goals and validated my next steps.” -360° feedback client

Our Executive Coaching Process

OAA’s executive coaching model begins with highlighting the context within which the executive finds herself, inventories the pressures that both encourage progress and impede it, then supports the selection of priorities and a path to follow. Our approach is intensive and designed to be delivered over a finite amount of time on a specific set of objectives. Our engagements generally run three to six months. Our process is as follows:

Step 1:  Locate. 

Get “on the Balcony” with the person and gain context of the person’s issue.  Start by looking “Outside In.”

  • What is going on?
    • What needs to continue to happen?
    • What needs to start happening?
    • What needs to stop happening?
  • Are there other accomplishments to be realized?

Step 2:  Gather Data

  Gather relevant data from the situation

  • Interviews
  • Conduct Hogan Assessment
  • Observe Executive in action

Step 3:  Diagnose the Challenge

  • Help “frame the work”
  • Identify “Metrics that Matter” (means by which progress will be measured

Step 4: Identify Assumptions

Help identify what assumptions may be playing a role in the challenge.

  • What are the assumptions about what is going on?
  • Give an example of when that happens.
  • How this sequence “work” for the parties involved?

Step 5:  Develop an Action Plan

  • Targets
  • Approach
  • Time Frame
  • Measurement