Virtual Training

“We now have a viable option for our remote employees. This is a game changer for us!” Tech Firm Chief Learning Officer

Learning Paths – the OAA/Everwise Partnership

OAA has partnered with Everwise to create a series of “Learning Paths” – state of the art content delivery for individuals and organizations for whom gathering people in a single room in a single geography is not feasible. The first of our offerings: “the Three Choices that Leaders Must Make” will debut in the first quarter of 2019. Subsequent Adaptive leadership offerings are being designed. Everwise offers an array of topics.


OAA has developed a series of webinars organizations can deploy as reinforcement and refreshers for the original 1-3-day Adaptive Leadership Seminars. These are best delivered in a customized format that connects the audience to the original learning experience. It is a great way to reach and reinforce efficiently and a lower price point. Current Topics include:

  • Knowing Your Role
  • Distinguishing Leadership from Authority
  • Seeing Technical Problems Distinctively from Adaptive Challenges
  • Immunity to Change
  • Running Smart Experiments
  • Conducting Leadership Conversations
  • Thinking Politically/Acting Systemically