Finding time to reflect on your leadership practice is one of those things that is good for you – but no one protests if you skip it. The speed at which our lives move, the amount of responsibility and information we juggle in our heads at any given time – leads us to “put our heads down and plow”.  Being productive is a good thing. Carrying lots of responsibility is also a good thing. Speeding through organizational life without stepping away from the action, pausing to weigh options or allowing new ideas enough time to “half a life” is not good.

The “Reflecting on Leadership Series” has been designed to provide concise moments of reflection for you, your team and your organization. On a weekly basis we’ll explore: Organizational Life, Implementing Strategy, Leadership in the World (or the lack thereof) and just “Food for Thought” – ideas to stimulate your thinking and to hone the leadership edge of your work.

We invite you to share these with colleagues, teammates, and partners or with whomever you find yourself engaged. We welcome your feedback, debate and expansion. In any case we hope this helps you to do more on behalf of all that is important to you.

Let 2107 be your best year so far – by any measure you choose!